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My Experience Nursing Patients with Cerebral Palsy

My career in health care has been an interesting experience I would like to share my story with you. I was looking for a job one day and I found a nurses aid in the local newspaper. I applied for the job and I went through orientation they explained to me most people couldn't handle the job.

My first day they took us on a tour of the facilities showing us where we would be taking care of the people with Cerebral Palsy. We never referred to them as "patients" my instructor said to call them by name that way it doesn't feel like a hospital.

On my third day I got hands on training assisting with lifting, feeding, grooming, cleaning, and cooking. After about two weeks I started to notice the staff was doing unusual things to Jackson. When I started my shift I saw Jackson had spiky hair mind you this is a 60 year old man with Cerebral Palsy it just looked odd.

I can't point the finger at anyone else because I wasn't perfect either I had my share of mistakes as well. For example my instructor asked me to shave George's face upon his request I felt really nervous because I don't shave my own face.

I expressed my concern that maybe I wasn't the right person to do this job. He assured me I would be fine he told me to go slow and try not to cut him. I agreed everything was going fine I thought this wasn't so bad until I caught a rough patch of hair on George's face and I cut him.

George screamed letting everyone know I nicked him I felt so bad. My instructor told me it was an accident he said George would be fine. I worked there for two and a half months until I had to finally quit due to extreme mental exhaustion.

Working that job gave me the utmost respect for people in the nursing industry. This experience has taught me not to complain about problems in my life because someone always has it worse than you.For dissertation writing service click on link.

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